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1Katsuro, Beta Tester Empty Katsuro, Beta Tester on Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:02 am

General Information


Name: Katsuro
Character Name: Katsuro
Age/D.O.B.: 17
Sex: Male

Body Stature

Height: 5'9
Weight: 160

#Head Katsuro has brown hair that appears to be mostly unruly. Katsuro's eyes are entirely red, and his skin white. He has fairly defined features on his face.
#Upper Body Katsuro has a well defined body, being fairly muscular. He wears a black V-neck shirt and a coat over his body

#Arms He wears nothing really on his arms, they are not particularly large or small.

#Lower Body He wears blue jeans, keeping them up just a black belt. The jeans go down to his, ankles. For footwear he wars white sneakers.


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Personal Information

Personality:Katsuro is intent on getting as far into the game as he possibly can. Of course at times this means he has to work together with people, however unless he feels it is completely needed he won't look for a long term party. Towards the opposite sex he attempts to be polite. However it is still easy for a person to push him over the edge and cause him to act a certain way. Katsuro is the type of person who probably would not give somebody else items he acquires unless he doesn't need it. Believing firmly in you keep what you get.

Likes: Drinking, Hanging out
Dislikes: People who point out the obvious
Sexual Preference: Straight

Biography of Your Character:

Strengths of Character:
#Strength 1 Identifying Liars
#Strength 2 Fighting

Weaknesses of Character:
#Weakness 1 Bartering
#Weakness 2 Swimming



Bladed Weapons

  • Rapier
  • Ninjato

Projectile Weapons

  • Throwing Knives

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

# Right Hand: Rapier
# Left Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Right Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)
# Left Hand Throwing Kinfe

Skill List

  • One Handed Sword Fighting
  • Detect
  • Hiding
  • Sprint
  • Blade Throwing

Sword Skills: Here are some examples
  • Single Strike
  • Impact Guard
  • Double Impact
  • Stab

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: 2
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece
Role Play Style: Text
Role Play Sample:
Walking down the deserted road the Hyuuga felt a bit out of place. Mainly because he felt too far from the clouds. He had grown up five miles in the air. You could practically at times feel the very, clouds brushing along your face as you moved. The heavens touching every child born on that great village. Now he was back down to earth. The young man ached to be back up in that old place again. Growing up in Sukaigakure young children were often told. Reach for the stars, and you won't fail. When you decide to return you would land on the clouds. Instead several years later they had all landed hard. Not on the clouds, but on the cold hard floor. Now Katsuro was away from everything he loved. Settling in a new home, nothing felt the same. He would tell people that he had dedicated himself to this place but that was in no way the case. If you asked him he was still a Sukai shinobi at heart.

He even still had the old headband under his cloths. All of this would stem back to his entire reason for being out here tonight. If there was one thing he could take about this village it was the stars. The ability to just go out at night and feel closer to home than he has been in several years. With no clouds and barely any lights, the clear night sky left him alone to reflect on his lost past and his stolen child hood. Katsuro could find himself lost in these walks for hours before finally coming back to reality. Sometimes he even used his byakugan to get a closer view. It was like a drug and he was addicted. However tonight he wanted realism, and just a natural feel. That was until as he walked a light pretty much wrecked the night vision his body had made over the past twenty or so minutes. This caused him to look down at the source out of pure annoyance. What he saw surprised him just a bit. A person was there at a bench under the light. Because of their clothing, Katsuro still couldn't make out much but there was definitely a person. How rare, usually the only people out at this time are shop keepers closing up and him on his little walks.

As he approached he thought about how few people he had truly bothered to meet in the village. Hey maybe they were another refugee just like him, just trying to recapture the past that had been stolen from them.

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