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1Yukina(Yuki Konahana) Empty Yukina(Yuki Konahana) on Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:55 am

General Information


Name: Yuki Konahana
Character Name:Yukina
Age/D.O.B.: 09/25/95

Body Stature

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#Head she doesn't wear anything on her head

#Upper Bodyshe has a white Samurai robe one

#Arms Samurai war pads

#Lower Body Samurai lower robe


Personal Information


Likes: seeing people having fun, Helping the people who cannot help them selves, playing pranks on her friends
Dislikes:PKers, people who look down on others, being told she is doing something wrong
Sexual Preference: Bi

Biography of Your Character: Yuki's mom & dad wear never around for her childhood. She ad to raise herself from the time of 5 years old until she was 16. She loved making people smile as it was something she very rarely was able to because she didn't thing she had a right to. She found out about the game SAO and thought that it was going to be fun to meet people, little did she know it would change her life for ever. She quickly learned after unable to log out that she could just sit around and do nothing. She began to Level and get stronger so she could help on the front lines. Shew knew that if they didn't win the game then they all would be stuck here for ever

Strengths of Character: She is very strong mentally as she never backs down from Pkers. She feels that PKers should be the way they are, she is very fast and Agile.
#Strength 1 (Mental)
#Strength 2 (Physical)

Weaknesses of Character: She is afraid to die and will bag someone not to kill her, she is not very strong when it comes to strength as she sees no point to it.
#Weakness 1 (Mental)
#Weakness 2 (Physical)



Bladed Weapons

  • Katana
  • One Handed Curved Blade

Projectile Weapons

  • x5 throwing daggers

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

# Right Hand Katana
# Left Hand n/a
# Right Hand throwing daggers
# Left Hand n/a

Skill List

Skills: Here are some examples

  • One Handed Curved Blade
  • Katana
  • Listening
  • Night Vision
  • Acrobatics
  • Blade Throwing

Sword Skills: Here are some examples

  • Tsujikaze
  • Gengetsu
  • Tsumujiguruma
  • Ukifune
  • Iai

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing:19 years
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done: Para, and story
Role Play Style:My own
Role Play Sample:

Yukina sighed as she lazied on the grass looking up at the sun shinning down one her "Why did this happen?" she asked herself as she closed her eyes. She opened her eyes just in time to roll out of the way of a blade coming at her. She got to her feet and looked at the person in front her. "Damn PKer" she thought and grabbed her katana. she fell into her stance and smiled at the person.

"You Know Its dirty to kill some one in this game because they die in the real world, Its even dirtier to kill them when they are asleep."

she said and glared at the person as they began to laugh. She narrowed her eyes and moved at her to speed catching the guy off guard putting her blade to as she saw now a her neck.

"I do not want to kill you now get out of here, If i ever see you again I will kill you. I hate Pkers and I do not care if I get a red thing over my head it would be wreath it to kill a PKer."

she said and turned to walk away leaving the woman speechless and unable to move.

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