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1SAO Rulebook Empty SAO Rulebook on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:15 am

Though run under the general MC Inc Banner SAO RPG has it's own set of rules that deviate and differ from the main site. Please adhere by all of our rules, though they are not mandatory to read they are also not very strict. This is to maintain a fun yet professional atmosphere for the site.

User & Staff Interaction

#Around the Site
Around the site most staff will not interfere in day to day activities beyond managing applications, transactions and helping in the RPG when necessary. Though not mandatory we ask that users greet and talk with staff on a daily basis as to be used to their presence in the event that they are needed. Let it be known now that staff is a voluntary group. They do not get paid, nor are they required to do everything we ask, as such they should be appreciated for the work that they do when it benefits the site.

#In the Chatbox
Though very rare staff will sometimes enter the chatbox. Though they are usually noted by their unique usernames (I.E: «GM-01»), staff will also be shown by the visible @ by their names. These staff members should be treated with respect as they normally would not enter the chat unless it involves contacting a member who's topic they are moderating. Any negative staff relations should be brought up on the MC Inc Home Forum in User Relations. Chatbox mods (Users who are allowed to manage the chatbox in place of forum mods) are allowed to use their judgement when giving punishment to a rowdy user. If you feel that you have been wrongly banned, please do not log in on an alternate account to argue with said staff member. Please send a message to the User Relations forum on the MC Inc home forum, or leave a message in the System Admin's Inbox.

#Between Users
Though we'd like for all users to be respectful to everyone else we would like to maintain a bit of realism and understand that there will come a time when minds will clash. As such we'd like users to still maintain a healthy sense of respect with their fellow users at all times. Disputes should be handled with the least amount of collateral possible (Translation: If you both know it's going to be a big deal take it to PM's.) Users are allowed to joke and play around with each other and nothing is wrong with poking fun at certain subjects, however should a user request firmly to be left alone, continued actions against them will lead to staff action.


#In Roleplay
Since this is a roleplaying forum we do have standards to uphold. Users should attempt to post a minimum of a paragraph each post (This means four well constructed sentences.) This is to ensure that all parties have something to reply too within the topic. Also let it be noted that this site, while being under the MC Inc Banner is also hosted by forumotion, and while the series hinted at allowing users to perform sexual acts we will not allow them, on this forum. All forms of sexual content should be taken to PM's and should not be visible on the forum interface. Failure to comply will result in a week ban followed by user account termination.

#In the Tavern/Trading Post
Users should attempt to be respectful when in these areas as most parties will be formed here. Like before users are asked to keep discussions within the PG-13 range as keep the site from getting any infractions against it. Be sure to keep all topics within these area's in topic with the current topics of the game. All other discussions are to be taken to the resources area of the forum.

While attachments are allowed to give users the ability to share information please know that we as a site and company do not support any form of plagiarism or stealing. Please do not post up hacked games or stolen guides as they will be removed and the infraction will be added to your account. All discussions that deal with the series and other topics should be held in this discussion forum.

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