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1Basic SAO RPG Stat Systems Empty Basic SAO RPG Stat Systems on Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:49 am

Like any good MMORPG, SAO-RPG has it's own set of basic universal stats that affect every player in the game. These stats while basic can very will decide the course of a battle. It is important that users should pay attention to these stats especially when in battle.

Character Level and EXP

A character's level shows how much work they've put into the game itself. While most skills and even some quests are not affected by the users level, most of the game flows by only allowing users with a certain level to do certain quests. This is to prevent users below a certain level from accessing equipment, items, and information that they otherwise would not have access too. Levels also grant the users stat increases and skill slots which can also be used to customize the character in which ever manner they choose.

  • Upon leveling users receive 0-5 stat points based on dice roll.
  • Users unlock an extra skill at 15, 25, 30, 45, 50, 60, 75, 90, and 100.
  • The current level cap is 100.
  • EXP requirement for each level is increased by (75%) of the previous EXP cap

A character gains «EXP» though battles and dungeon runs. EXP is used to measure the progress between levels as well the progression of your skills. Each monster will grant a base amount of EXP that goes towards your characters level based on the monsters base + the level of the monster. During topics, the users actions are also being watched by «GM»'s and exp is granted at the end of each fight based on how well the character used their current skill set. Each skill used has a chanced to be increased over the duration of the topic and the GM must know which skills were used so they can increase it properly.

  • Users gain EXP by battling monsters and completing dungeons.
  • Monsters grant base EXP + the level of the monster slain
  • Skills gain EXP through usage and are tallied at the end of topics and fights.


Money in SAO, otherwise known as Cor, is gained through monster loot, treasure chests, and trading. Some quests may also grant money instead of EXP. To keep from allowing inflation, users are allowed to set prices within a set margin in contrast with the sites current price ranges.

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2Basic SAO RPG Stat Systems Empty Health on Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:53 pm


Health in SAO is the main stat that users should pay attention to, especially when in dungeons and in duels. Health is a dynamic integer and increases with level based on how many points the user puts into it. HP increases by 25 for every point put into it. Many things affect how much the user regens and loses over the course of a fight, thus every topic has a «GM» that manages it from start to finish and does the correct hp reduction and regeneration values. All regen and ailments will be listed below.

  1. Ailments

    • Cuts and Bruises - Cuts and bruises damage the persons skin and can sometimes hinder a persons movement. Though most are minor annoyances some can even begin to bleed out lowering the effectiveness of a persons battle performance. Cuts that bleed out drain the persons hp 1-5 per turn depending on the severity of the cut. Multiple cuts stack this value.

    • Lacerations - Major cuts that may sometimes reveal muscle or bone. These can greatly hinder a persons ability to fight and must be taken care of immediately to prevent the person from bleeding out. Cuts can be upgraded to lacerations by striking the same cut multiple times. Only sword skills, Axes, and swords can cause lacerations. Lacerations that bleed out will drain 25-50 per turn depending on the severity of the wound. Multiple lacerations stack this value. Lacerations may also affect the strength and dexterity stat pools depending on wound location.

    • Stabs - Puncture wounds that can cause spiking pain to the person afflicted. These wounds can be minor, barely grazing the upper layer of skin to major, going completely through the persons body. The deeper the wound, the more likely the person will bleed to death if not given a rejuvenation potion. Some stabs may even cause death if they strike the proper «critical zones» and puncture completely through the persons body. Stab wounds that bleed out will drain 5-100 per turn depending on the severity of the stab and the location. Multiple stab wounds do stack. «Critical Zone» damages are discussed below. Stabs may also affect the strength and dexterity stat pools depending on the stab location. Only Sword Skills, Swords, and Lances may cause stab wounds

    • Blunt Trauma - Blunt Trauma is caused by high speed attack impacting the skin or armor of a person but not puncturing through. Instead it agitates the skin causing it to run red after multiple strikes. Blunt Trauma can also cause headaches and concussions as well as confusion, and paralysis. Blunt Trauma does not do damage overtime however it does do direct damage based on the location hit 5-50. Blunt trauma can be caused by any weapon striking with it's flat or dull side.

    • Removed Limbs - Removing a limb can be considered fatal in battle and will often hinder the warrior to the point of desperation, especially if the limb is a leg. Removing limbs can cause great blood loss and should be cured immediately. Removed limbs can only be cured by using a «Full Restore» Crystal. Removed limbs that are allowed to bleed out will deal 50-200 damage per turn depending on the limb removed. All bladed weapons have the cutting power to sever limbs.

    • Critical Zone - This term is given to certain areas of the body that if struck would cause near fatal to instantaneous death and are given damage modifiers accordingly. These zones include, The Head, The Neck, The Spine, The left and right Lung, the Heart, and the Liver. Striking these area's will cause the damage done to be multiplied by 2.5 and any bleeding out in these areas will be multiplied by 1.5. Stabbing completely through someones heart will cause instantaneous death as will removing the head and cutting through the brain.

  2. Regeneration

    • Resting - Resting is the simplest manner to regenerate health in this game. By stepping out of combat for one turn and resting (on the ground, in a tree, in a chair, on a bed, etc) the user can regenerate 5 percent of their max hp per turn.

    • Movement Healing - An alternate form of healing that is unlocked at level 5. This healing allows the user to heal while moving about but cannot be used in battle. The user must have exited battle to have access to this form of regeneration. Healing equals 2 percent of the persons max hp.

    • Battle Healing - The final and most advanced form of regeneration. This is an actual skill that can be learned and mastered after reaching level 50 (More information can be learned in the skills guide.)

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3Basic SAO RPG Stat Systems Empty Strength and Dexterity on Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:14 pm


The strength stat is the only damage affecting stat on SAO RPG. Unlike most RPG's the strength stat is mainly used as a guide when judging which blade will over power another when two swords clash. Strength is also a mandatory stat as some weapons cannot be wielded without a proper strength stat. Users with a high enough strength stat can even unlock special skills that will allow them to automatically over power weaker weapons or even break them. Users with a high enough strength level can even pick up other users with little to no problems. Strength is increased by 3 with each stat point put into it.


The dexterity stat is primarily used as a speed measuring stat for SAO RPG. The characters attack speed and running speed are both measured when counted against another target. Should the users dexterity be higher then they will be able to most faster and attack with a higher frequency than their opponent, like wise should it be lower they would be slower in both aspects. Some weapons and most armor affect the dexterity stat, often lowering it with their cumbersome weight. These should be taken into account when equipping weapons and armor. Dexterity is increased by 4 with each point put into it.

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