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1Character Creation Template Empty Character Creation Template on Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:45 am

Welcome to SAO RPG's Character Creation Template. Here we will supply you with the proper template for your characters. As we do award basic items for following the

General Information


Character Name: Different from your characters actual name, this is your in game username. It should be one name.
Age/D.O.B.: (Keep in mind you're character would have been born before 2009)

Body Stature


Description: Bodily description should be done in parts as to take away from confusion when parts are added on. Please note hair color, skin tone, and other things needed to identify you.

#Upper Body


#Lower Body


Personal Information


Sexual Preference:

Biography of Your Character: Please try to explain how your character's personality came into being. And who their parents were,

Strengths of Character:
# Strength 1 (Mental)
# Strength 2 (Physical)

Weaknesses of Character:
# Weakness 1 (Mental)
# Weakness 2 (Physical)



Primary Weapons: Primary Weapons are your general weapons. These are the swords, the axes, the knives and daggers. This can include bludgeons and the such

Projectile Weapons: Projectile Weapons are small weapons that can be thrown at a distance. These items can be stacked depending on the weapon.

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

# Right Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Left Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Right Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)
# Left Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)

Skill List
We ask that you use the skills currently in the game, you are free to create your own skills after your character is approved and in the game

Skills: Here are some examples
  • One Handed
  • Cooking
  • Hiding
  • Sprint
  • Blade Throwing

Sword Skills: Here are some examples
  • Single Strike
  • Impact Guard
  • Double Impact
  • Horizontal Dash
  • Vertical Dash

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing:
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done:
Role Play Style: Story, Play, Paragraph, First Person, Speed, or Freestyle
Role Play Sample: (A demonstration of your skill in rping. Should show how you usually rp so write a length suitable to yourself. Your role play sample does not dictate any skill or weapon changes in your application, it is purely to allow us to understand how you would role play.)


[center][u][size=24]General Information[/size][/u][/center]


[b]Character Name[/b]:

[size=18]Body Stature[/size]



#[u]Upper Body[/u]


#[u]Lower Body[/u]


[size=18]Personal Information[/size]


[b]Sexual Preference:[/b]

[b]Biography of Your Character:[/b]

[b]Strengths of Character:[/b]
#Strength 1 (Mental)
#Strength 2 (Physical)

[b]Weaknesses of Character: [/b]
#Weakness 1 (Mental)
#Weakness 2 (Physical)



[u]Bladed Weapons[/u]

[u]Projectile Weapons[/u]

[b]Currently Equipped Weapons:[/b]
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

# Right Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Left Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Right Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)
# Left Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)

[size=18]Skill List[/size]

[b]Skills[/b]: Here are some examples
[list][*]One Handed
[*]Blade Throwing

[b]Sword Skills[/b]: Here are some examples
[list][*]Single Strike
[*]Impact Guard
[*]Double Impact
[*]Horizontal Dash
[*]Vertical Dash

[center][u][size=24]Role Play Information[/size][/u][/center]

[b]Number of Years Role Playing:[/b]
[b]Different Types of Role Plays You've Done:[/b]
[b]Role Play Style:[/b]
[b]Role Play Sample:[/b]

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