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1Vanto - WIP Empty Vanto - WIP on Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:09 pm

General Information


Name: Jason Wayne
Character Name: Vanto
Age/D.O.B.: Sixteen
Sex: Male

Body Stature

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139 lbs
Primary Hand: Left


#Upper Body


#Lower Body


Personal Information


Sexual Preference:

Biography of Your Character:
Vanto is a brave warrior, ready to take on anything and anyone! Jason Wayne on the other hand, is a junior in high school and a total loser. Jason isn't the most popular kid at school, having gotten teased from his first year to his last year of middle school. Upon entering high school, people have stopped bothering him but still, he has climbed up the popularity chain at all.

He has always found refuge online, a place where people have accepted him, flaws and all. Jason feels like he's truly alive whenever he logs onto his favorite MMORPGS. Jason has been following SAO for a long time and upon it's release, he was one of the firsts to get it. He logged on and realized...he couldn't log out.

Then it happened. Everyone was stuck in the game until they cleared the hundredth floor, the final level in Sword Arts Online. Now, everyone was on an even playing field and this was a chance for Vanto, no, Jason to prove himself as a warrior. After, his parents are never around to notice he's in room and his room door was locked right before he put on the game. At least, that's what he remembers...
Strengths of Character:
#Strength 1 (Mental)
#Strength 2 (Physical)

Weaknesses of Character:
#Weakness 1 (Mental)
#Weakness 2 (Physical)



Bladed Weapons[

Projectile Weapons

Currently Equipped Weapons:
You may only choose weapons that you already have.

# Right Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Left Hand (Main Weapon/Shield)
# Right Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)
# Left Hand (Projectile/Knife Weapon)

Skill List

  • One Handed Straight/Curved Sword

Sword Skills:
  • Single Strike
  • Impact Guard
  • Double Impact
  • Horizontal Dash
  • Vertical Dash
  • Parry/Upper Slash

Role Play Information

Number of Years Role Playing: Six
Different Types of Role Plays You've Done:
Role Play Style: Story
Role Play Sample:

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